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Upgrade Kit Includes:
• Astro Euro Pro HE Spray Gun 108
• Astro 1.3 Needle OR 1.4 Needle
• Astro Aluminum Paint Cup


High Efficiency/High Transfer Spray Gun with 1.8mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup

• Forged and Anodized body for corrosion protection
• Slick exterior finish
• Internal coated passages
• Stainless steel needle and fluid tip
• Lightweight: 325 grams (0.7 Lbs) 

• Unique pattern designed for great coverage, optimal overlapping
• Low overspray
• Great transfer efficiency
• Superior atomization

• 1 Turn to lock/unlock the air cap
• 3 Turns to lock/unlock the fluid tip
• Wide threads for easy cleaning
• M16*P1.5 female thread fluid joint
• Compatible with most traditional and disposable cup systems


• Soft trigger pull to reduce fatigue
• Precise lubricated adjustment knobs for better control
• Innovative CNC machining to avoid the need for gaskets behind the fluid tip

Nozzle Size: 1.8mm
Cup Capacity: 600ml
Operation Pressure: 29psi
Weight: 0.7lbs. (325g)
Gun Dimensions W x H: 7" x 5-34" (175mm x 145mm)
Avg. Air Consumption: 10.5 - 12.5cfm
Air Inlet Thread NPT: ¼”
Required Compressor: 3 - 5hp
Max. Pattern at 6" to 8" Distance: 11" - 13" (280-330mm)
Air Hose I.D. Size: 6 - 8mm

Astro EuroPro HE 108 Combo Kit

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