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You can now enjoy the benefits of a Ceramic Coating on a dipped car!  DYC's Ceramic Coating Kit includes everything you need to apply a high quality 9h Ceramic Coating to your vehicle.  Kit includes 30ml Ceramic Coating, High Quality Buffing Towel, 2 Micro-Suede Applicators and a Foam Application Pad.

Enjoy the following benefits with a Ceramic Coating:

  • Incredibly easy to keep clean
  • Water beads and sheets of extremely well
  • Dirt, grime and debris will no longer cling to the surface as it normally would
  • Increased UV protection
  • Enhanced Scratch protection
  • Increased sheen and depth of color
  • Improves chemical resistance

** DYC Ceramic Coating can ONLY be applied to Dipped cars that are currently coating with Dip Armor Advanced TopCoat.  The Dip Armor must be 30+ days old before you can apply the Ceramic.

Dip Armor™ Hand Ceramic Coating Kit

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