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You can purchase Dip Armor during the Spring Sale!  Please be advised that we are still assembling the next round of kits and they are set to begin shipping within the next week.

Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat takes Dipping your vehicle to a completely new level.  Dip Armor™ transforms your dip into an ultra durable coating that offers a long list of benefits that were never before possible; while still being peelable.

Warning - Dip Armor is an advanced level product suitable only for advanced users.  The procession be far more involved and complex than a standard dip installation.

Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat benefits:

  • Scratch and mar resistance
  • Gasoline and chemical resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Hard, slick, paint-like feel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Satin  finish
  • Excellent clarity for Pearls and Metallics
  • Can be ceramic coated!

Dip Armor™ is a 4 component system.  This Kit will include one gallon of Part A, a quart of Part B, a quart of Part C, a quart of Reducer and 2 Dip Armor™ Mixing Cups.  Combined, this Kit makes approximately 1.75 gallons of sprayable Dip Armor™.

Dip Armor™ can be sprayed through the DipSprayer System, Advanced DipSprayer System and even HVLP spray guns.


Dip Armor™ Base Coat Compatibilities:


Dip Armor™ can be applied over the following Base Coats:  Plasti Dip Spray, DYC Performance Series*, DYC ProLine (Matte).  Dip Armor™ can not be sprayed over DipPearl TopCoats (Glossy or Matte) or Satin ProLine.  Dip Armor™ can be sprayed over an existing dip job if the dip is in good condition - for details please refer to the Dip Armor™ User and Application Guide.

*Dip Armor is not recommended to be sprayed over the following: Shadow Black, Shadow Grey, Shadow Blue, Shadow Red, Cosmic Black, Camo Tan, Nardo Grey, Camo Green, Army Green and Tactical Green*

Dip Armor™ is an advanced topcoat for advanced users.  It may not be suitable for all dippers.  Please review the complete Dip Armor™ User and Application Guide below before deciding if Dip Armor™ is right for you.

Any questions you may have about mixing Dip Armor™, spraying Dip Armor™, the equipment you need, base coats, etc can be answered by reading the User and Application Guide above.  Please be aware that using Dip Armor over base coats can change the appearance of those base colors.  The depth, darkness, hue and clarity can all be quite different once Dip Armor is applied.  Colors like Tactical Green and Camo Green have been known to be dramatically affected.  If unsure of pending results, please test small scale before going full scale on a vehicle. You may also contact DYC Customer Service to learn more!

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Dip Armor™ Kit

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