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If you plan to spray a Pearl color and then apply Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat - then Dip Armor™ MidCoat gallons are what you need. These gallons are designed specifically to be compatible with Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat.

Load these gallons with your favorite Pearls and Metallics, and apply directly over Plasti Dip Spray Gallons or Performance Series Gallons. Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat is not compatible with DipPearl TopCoats - so these MidCoat gallons are the only option when using pearls and then Dip Armor™ Advanced TopCoat.

Dip Armor™ Mid Coat is easy to spray through the DYC DipSprayer and Advanced DipSprayer systems.

Dip Armor Mid Coat

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