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Better.  Stronger.  Smarter.

This brand new, drastically improved spray system was designed from the ground up by our experts at DYC to provide a high quality and predictable spraying experience.  We took a look at what the previous system did well, and where there was room for improvement, and designed the perfect next generation system.  With 50% more power than the previous DipSprayer System, tighter tolerances and less room for pattern variability - the end user experience is night and day.  If you enjoyed using the old DYC spray system, you will love dipping with the new G-Force sprayer!

Kit Includes: DYC G-Force 2-Speed Turbine, DYC G-Force Precision Spray Gun, 40' Hose w/ Quick-Snap Connect, Alloy Dip Tip 2.0 Needle, 48 Ounce Paint Cup.


Sprayer Specs


  • 2-Speed
  • 120 Volts

Color of front air cap may vary.  This system is designed to receive power from a standard, North American 120V 60Hz AC power outlet. International customers may attempt to use adapters, however there is no guarantee the unit will function as designed.


DYC G-Force DipSprayer System

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