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Better Finish.  Less Effort.  More Reliable.

This brand new G-Force Spray Gun was designed by our experts at DYC to accomplish specific goals.  We wanted to provide a spraying experience that resulted in higher quality finishes through a more reliable design.  That means you point, shoot and repeat - less things to go wrong, less things to worry about.  The G-Force Spray Gun has a custom designed air cap, alloy Dip Tip 2.0 needle system, quick-snap connection, comfort trigger and rock solid internal spray channel.  That all adds up to higher atomization, smoother finishes, more predictable spray patterns and less maintenance.  If you enjoyed spraying with the old DYC sprayer, you're in for a huge upgrade!

Kit Includes: DYC G-Force Precision Spray Gun,  Alloy Dip Tip 2.0 Needle, 48 Ounce Paint Cup, Paint straw, replacement gasket and replacement seal.


Sprayer Specs


Color of front air cap may vary. 

This system is designed to receive power from a standard, North American 120V 60Hz AC power outlet. International customers may attempt to use adapters, however there is no guarantee the unit will function as designed.

DYC G-Force Spray Gun

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