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Juices are special, translucent additives that allow you to enhance and customize your car like never before!

  • Perfect for DIY or Pro use
  • Mix directly into your pearl mixture
  • Increase the coverage of your pearl coats
  • Compatible with DYC TopCoat, Clear Plasti Dip®, Clear SWP and Spray Shield
  • Standard suggested ratio is 1 bottle Juice per 2 gallons of Pearls (about 1/2 bottle per gallon of pearl mixture)
  • Always seal with a wet coat of a clear product
  • As little as a couple drops, or as much as a full bottle per gallon may be used (do not exceed one bottle per gallon)
  • Can be added directly to clear to create a Candy Paint finish
  • Only apply Juices over a minimum of 5-6 coats of base

    Grape Juice (Purple)

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