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Dive into bold color with Intense Teal Spray 50! This high-impact, teal spray paint delivers a vibrant, long-lasting finish in a large, user-friendly format. Perfect for covering larger areas or tackling ambitious projects, it lets you achieve a smooth, eye-catching look that's sure to turn heads.


Plasti Dip Spray gallons from DYC are the world's most popular, proven safe Peelable Auto Paint system. They allow you to change the color of your car, protect the factory finish, and peel off the dip to go back to the original color without any previous painting experience. The colors are a clean, matte finish and easy to spray. Perfect for larger scale Do-It-Yourself projects where the aerosol is simply not adequate. Use DYC's gallons to control the look of your vehicle and change the color yourself!

Intense Teal Spray 50

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