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FULL Windows 7 Professional SP1 PT-BR X32 ISO




The first error I get is that the drivers of the DVD recorder are not recognized by the computer and need to be installed manually. After the install, the second error message is shown. I tried with the 32bit and 64bit, both have the same problem. Any ideas? TIA Edit: added screenshot A: That's a pretty common issue. Go to the manufacturer's website and download and install the latest drivers. This should resolve your problem. Q: SSIS - exporting a variable that is changed from Flat File I have an SSIS package that is running in a sql job in production. I have a variable that I use to name a file based on the date that is currently in my database. When this package is run the variable is set to '12/15/2014'. Once the package has finished, and I am looking at the result, I want the file to have the name of my variable, '12/15/2014'. I have tried to do this in two ways: Set the file destination path using the variable as the name, and as the value. This seems to be giving me errors. Create a "source" file that is exporting the variable as the name, and then using an expression as the value. The expression is as follows: =IIF(



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FULL Windows 7 Professional SP1 PT-BR X32 ISO

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